Sunday, November 20, 2016

Students Solving Problems in Their Own World

In the past few weeks, Design and Fabrication students have been working in teams identifying problems they can solve for one another. Diving deep into empathy, they have been learning to find the underlying stories behind their needs. Teams are looking for the deeper needs, so they can create solutions for problems that are thoughtful and empathic. 

In Introduction to Engineering,  students are learning the fundamentals of 3-D modeling using a program called Fusion 360.

Fusion 360 is a professional program that allows students to transform their ideas into virtual creations. After crafting a design, students can 3D print their creations and turn their digital models into fully functional prototypes!
Students are currently working on tutorials that lead them through different tools and features of the program. Starting by creating a LEGO brick, they follow and problem solve through a step-by-step guide in an effort to master the basic tools of the program.
In the upcoming weeks students will be moving into our 3D Modeling challenge. Students will begin by choosing a problem they want to solve from a list of challenges or create their own problem to solve. They will then put their skills to the test by designing and creating their own tool or product that solves their problem. Students will have the option to even 3D print their designs and take them home

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