Tuesday, December 13, 2016

SHS students visit Princeton University's Tiger Challenge

Last Saturday, eleven students from Design and Fabrication, City 2.0 and Psychology traveled to Princeton University to work with undergraduates participating in the Tiger Challenge. Princeton students are using the design process to work through real world problems and find solutions. For three hours, students worked together to craft interview guides and questions and then interview one another. The two challenges that Princeton students are tackling this year are stress in K-12 schools and the shortage of qualified teachers. As the Princeton program was at the beginning of the design process, they interviewed our students about stress in their lives as well as their attitude towards the teaching profession. Our students also got to practice their interviewing skills, as college students remembered back to their high school days. Scarsdale students were excited about the immersive experience, saying that they learned about asking questions, going deeper, and pulling out insights. All good designs begin with interesting problems. And without thoroughly understanding the people behind the problems, it is difficult to find valid solutions. Our students enjoyed their deep dive into empathy interviews and we are hoping to offer this opportunity to more SHS students in the coming months.are excited to use these design skills in the problems they are tackling in their classes here.  

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