Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Introduction to Engineering End of Year Reflections from Students

We asked our students at the end of the second semester to respond to several questions.
1. What is the most important skill, attitude or mindset that you have gained through this class?

"Problem solving skills, creativity... Being able to analyze a problem and solve it using a creative design process and paying attention to detail."

"I have really learned to problem solve. When I encounter a problem, I no longer give up."

"Curiosity. I have learned to look at things from multiple perspectives."

"The most important skills I learned in this class was how to problem solve and how to work with others."

"Problem solving. Figuring out multiple solutions. Applying the skills I learned into new challenges."

"The greatest skill I walk away with is the ability to work with members of a group and brainstorm ideas."

"The greatest attitude I walk away with is that it is fine if something doesn't work on the first try."

"I can get kind of impatient at times. It frustrates me when things don't work. Through this class, I have learned to pursue a problem and feel less frustrated when it doesn't work the first time."

"How to approach a problem, brainstorm properly and different problem solving methods."

"Teamwork is very important!"

"I tend to get set on my original idea. This class has taught me how to adjust that idea and how to come up with different approaches to the same problem."

"The greatest mindset (I gained) was to be open-minded and creative."

"I think the greatest thing I learned from this class is that it might be hard but don't stop trying. That's the only way you can really fail."

"Being open-minded to new ideas and possibilities. The ability to create prototypes and ideas without fear of failure; to learn from mistakes and to improve on them."

"The greatest thing I leave this class with is being able to fail and not get frustrated or give up. I have learned that failing is okay and actually good."

"Leaving this class I've learned to be innovative and optimistic... I've learned that there is always a solution even if I'm not able to see it yet. This innovative and optimistic spirit has helped me in other classes."

"Never give up."

"I learned persistence and patience."

2. What advice would you give to future students?"

"I would advise future students to take this class for the sake of learning..."

"Keep an open mind and try new things. It's ok if you don't understand everything at the beginning."

"Even if you think you don't like engineering, put time and effort into the class. I promise you will love it!"

"Be open to learning..."

"Maintain a positive attitude and don't be afraid to try and possibly fail at new things."

"Don't be afraid to fail. It's possibly the best part."

"Be prepared to be really interested and fail and come back from it."

"Step out of your comfort zone as quickly as possible."

"This could be one of the most useful things you learn in high school. Even if you're uncomfortable with some of the things you're doing, don't be afraid to mess up. If you're like me and thought you hated technology, you could completely change your mind. Have an open mind and really try."

"Don't get angry at yourself if you fail or make mistakes. Be patient."

"Don't try to rush. The lure of completing a project can overwhelm sometimes, but a well done project is a lot more rewarding. Also, try to figure out answers for yourself."

"Be ready to think critically and creatively!"

"Be persistent... don't give up. Find another way around the problem. Think outside the box!"

"Come to this class with an open mind; really do each activity for enjoyment and to learn, instead of just meeting the requirements."

The temporary Lab in action:
Three D printed Fidget Toy
Three D printed Fidget Toy
Brainstorming with post its!

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